One Year For Jesus Project: News from Kaluga Region
11.06.2012 00:00

Zhdamirovo Village is located 10 km (6 miles) from the city of Kaluga in Central Federal District. The village is small – only 500 people. One Year for Jesus team from Kaluga Grace Church visited most of the homes in the village, getting acquainted with people, talking and preaching to them about Christ.

Most people were very friendly and open to evangelists. Among those

who heard the message of salvation on that day were people who truly recognized their need for forgiveness of sins. They accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some people shared their negative experiences of meetings with followers of other religions, but the team members delicately helped them to turn to their own sins and the importance of personal relationship with God.

There was one meeting that the team members highlighted. It was their meeting with Vladimir Kuzin. He was 40 years old; most recently, he was released from prison. He heard the Gospel of Christ and decided to change his life. Vladimir has a problem – alcohol abuse. He believed that Jesus Christ could help him. He earnestly asked Him for help. Vladimir has a teenage daughter, and most of all he wants her to have a decent life, in which he will play an important role, and learn to express father’s love. He understands that it determines a lot in her life. Such a firm commitment, which our team saw in him, is worthy of respect. Brothers and sisters of the Grace Church continue to communicate with Vladimir helping him to start his new life with Christ. We ask you to pray for Vladimir.

One Year for Jesus Project, Kaluga

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith