Youth Preaches in Kaluga
19.01.2012 00:00

The beginning of 2012 was marked not only with festivals, days off work

and entertainment. During the Christmas week teenagers and young adults did not forget about one of the most important parts of Christian life – taking the Gospel to people. Jesus Christ came into this world. He brought the light of truth, redemption from sin, grace, love and hope of salvation and eternal life to people from all social backgrounds, nationalities and religions.

On January 5 three teams consisting of teenagers and young adults from Grace Church in Kaluga went to the cities of Kozelsk and Meshchovsk and the town of Vorotynsk. The teams walked in winter city streets and wished local people happy New Year and merry Christmas. They gave out chocolates, a festive edition of the “Power of Faith” (SILA VERY) newspaper and bibles as gifts. The young evangelists also invited people to evangelistic meetings called “What do you know about Christmas?” These meetings were held at local churches in the evening. The program for the meetings was prepared and presented by young Christians.

After the trip the teams gathered together in the Kaluga Grace Church. Team members shared their impressions and discussed the results of the trip. Two sisters told a story how they saw a formidable Armenian seller at the local market and wanted to simply pass by him, but something prompted them to approach and invite this person to the Christian meeting. Plucking up courage, they came up and handed the seller a small gift with invitation to the meeting. The ‘horrifying’ seller turned out to be very pleased with the present and invitation. In return he gave the girls some fruits.

Everyone who went on the trip shared with joy that the goals – bringing the Gospel to people, telling them about the meaning and significance of Christmas, giving support to young believers in the Kaluga region – were achieved.

Sergei Merkulov