"Beloved, redeemed, called" – Regional Women's Conference was held in Kaluga
17.11.2011 09:34

On November 11 and 12 Regional Women's Conference was held in Kaluga by the Russian Church women's ministry director Larissa Grabovenko and her team of women’s ministers from the city of Perm – Elena Hooda and Elena Vorobyova.

On Friday night wives of ministers met and had a wonderful time of fellowship. On Saturday sanctuary of Grace Church was filled with women, who were willing to listen to the Word of God, to be strengthened in the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit.

It's not easy being a woman. The harsh reality of life is that she has a lot to carry on her shoulders: job, family life, caring for her husband and children. She is forced to give a lot, getting in return so little. A woman can tolerate it for a long time, but there are moments when it is vitally important for her to hear words of encouragement and support.

This conference was very special. Little was said about surface problems, but the deepest questions were touched. In the center of it all was the relationship between a woman and God. Larissa and her team taught about God's love and forgiveness, they were very earnest and sincere. How important it is for every woman to hear that she is special for God, He loves her and always remembers her. Many women have suffered hardship and are in need of God's healing and restoration. The sisters taught how to deal with grievances and how to obtain spiritual freedom. In every sermon they encouraged and inspired women to win over the circumstances.

The quest speakers talked a lot about the inner strength of women. The fact is that a woman can endure a lot, if only she decides to pour out her heart before God. Only God can give her the necessary strength to serve her family and other people.

In each of our lives there is so much fuss and worries about everyday problems. And sometimes it's so hard to disconnect from this and focus on something spiritual. This conference provided a wonderful opportunity to be just one on one with God, look at yourself and reflect on where you are now. Look at your life from the outside and to re-set priorities.

Everything that sisters heard at the conference, changed their view of themselves and pushed for change: so that we would not be content to simply live our day to day life of mediocrity, but strive for more. In our prayers we would not be just asking for help, but our prayers would bring us closer to the heart of God. God, please help us to rise above the vanity and seek "first the kingdom of God and its righteousness" (Matt. 6:33), and then everything else must follow.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude to Larissa Grabovenko and her team for their service, anointed Word and prayer. These women were really very devoted, and we were inspired by their example." Elena Pesterova.

"Dear sisters, thank you very much for your ministry! This day was truly a day of renewal of my relationship with God above all and with my family. God removed the burden of bitterness in my soul, healed the wounds of my heart and filled me with His love! Hallelujah!" Svetlana Belous.

"On behalf of the Pastors of Pentecostal Churches of the Kaluga Region I thank Larissa Grabovenko, Elena Hooda, Elena Vorobyova for the excellent conference they held in Kaluga. Hundreds of women attending the conference, under the grace of God received healing and deliverance from resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness. They got filled with the Holy Spirit to continue serving the Lord! Thank you!

God bless you and your family in life and ministry to the glory of the Lord!"

With gratitude and prayers Gregory Tropets, bishop of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in Kaluga region.